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DARREN LARKIN: I had been thinking more about the land, day/night cycles, WINTER. Tricks to ensure a good milking, that the children were healthy; hunters, healers; holy trees and holy hills. Rituals for proper teeth, strong hair, matchmaking.

JASPER BERNES: Logistics is more than the extension of the world market in space and the acceleration of commodital flows: it is the active power to coordinate and choreograph, the power to conjoin and split flows; to speed up and slow down; to change the type of commodity produced and its origin and destination point; and, finally, to collect and distribute knowledge about production, movement and sale of commodities as they stream across the grid.

PHILIP ANDERSSON: The only people I know who live in the country are royalty; have a castle, land, people who work the land for them

JOAKIM MATIASSON: Så snart man är ledig åker man bort.

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XXXXXXXXXX: I’m from Guadalajara and that really means that yr from a tiny village just outside of there.

JB: “Most workers today cannot say, as workers of old could (and often did): It is we who built this world! It is we to whom this world belongs!

ZOE ROSENBLUM: I sublet my apartment because I freaked out about money. Weird life choices

[a train one should take to tibet should one find oneself headed that way from china]

PAUL EBENKAMP: i completely feel what you say about the politics of place. politics of place rarely seem rooted in love of place; more often it seems more rooted in appropriation/deployment of place for one’s own (small- or big-minded) purposes or goals or whatever. by “love” i mean the sort of joy that renders one temporarily selfless. maybe this love is simply more accessible when one is in new environments, and maybe this is why traveling seems to make people happier and stronger, more resilient – not getting out enough means i get too used to misreading my own challenges as being the “main event” of my life.

[The way the Bay felt like people feel like it’s the center of the world. And every center is the center of the world.]

ALMA HEIKKILÄ: This year it was difficult. Usually the snow comes at once down; this year there were warm days already in February. It came out from the roof like three times and started to gather on the porches. When it started melting so slowly, there was like some small holes that the ice made

GIORGIO CANOVA: We are poor here but we live like we are rich.

[fotboll / medborgare]

[the need for a personnummer to send a package to the USA]

ERIN MANNING: If we remove the body from the state, the conflation of identity and territory cannot be sustained.

SILVIA FEDERICI: Magic: a form of refusal of work, of insubordination, and an instrument of grassroots resistance to power… premised on the belief that the world is animated, unpredictable, and that there is a force in all things.

TYLER HAYDEN (SANTA BARBARA INDEPENDENT, 13 MAY 2014): Instead of seeking compensation, the lawsuit aims to compel the world’s nine nuclear nations—the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, and North Korea—to meet the obligations of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

CHRISTINA WANG: promiscuity, liberated love

[love cropping up everywhere]

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[this space station hailing
a star inside a star]

[Anti-Ballistic Missle Treaty of 2002]

ABDELLAH TAÏA: Freedom is no longer the privilege of the west.

CW: I don’t need to choose to be Chinese/Taiwanese/Hunan or
American/Texan/Californian. I don’t need to rectify any of those in any way (though I feel the invisible hand of societal expectation pressuring me to do so).

HÅKAN ANDERSSON: The thing I find really strange is how you can’t pay for a ferry ticket with a non-Nordic card.

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