Delta Mouth Literary Festival


A message from several Volta bloggers/reviewers.

Visit the Kickstarter to support.

Baton Rouge, LA—The Sixth Annual Delta Mouth Literary Festival brings established artists from all over the United States to perform at the free four-day festival. Funded solely via donations and fundraising, Delta Mouth has raised over $5,000 each year in order to fly diverse and innovative readers to Baton Rouge. Writers and multimedia artists donate their time to bring their work to new audiences in our region at venues throughout Baton Rouge. The entire festival is volunteer run, and local establishments lend support via in-kind support.

The upcoming festival is scheduled for April 3-6, 2014. We’ve grown! Our biggest festival yet features: Chris Cheek, Olivia Cronk, Donald Dunbar, Wayne Koestenbaum, Dorothea Lasky, Paul Legault, Ben Marcus, Christopher Merkner, Alissa Nutting, Abe Smith, Shelly Taylor, and Jenny Zhang.

Since Delta Mouth’s inception in 2009, this volunteer effort has been led by Louisiana State University graduate students, who work hard to ensure that the festival is truly a community event. Delta Mouth is completely free and open to the public. In its short six-year life, Delta Mouth has provided residents of southern Louisiana and the greater region with the opportunity to enjoy first-rate literary performance for free.

Visit us at our website to learn more about the festival. Invite your friends and help us welcome this amazing group of artists to Baton Rouge!

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