365 Reviews

For 2014, The Volta Blog  will feature a project titled 365 REVIEWS. We will seek to address the ongoing “glut” in contemporary poetry with an even greater glut of poetry reviews. The project is nearly impossible. Our original aim was to review a new poetry/poetics volume each day, although—in a recognition of the inevitable breakdowns that will occur between our editors, nearly 100 reviewers, innumerable presses and shipping services—we will feature new reviews from Monday through Friday of each week. The weekends will recognize the even greater volume of books that we won’t be reviewing, including highlights of reviews happening elsewhere in the poetics world.

This is a year-long endeavor, and we will remain open to new participants (both reviewers and publishers) throughout the process. If interested, please contact the project coordinator, Caleb Beckwith. His email is cbwithwith [at] gmail [dot] com. It seems only appropriate that this impossibly large project should have an equally large number of participants.

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