The Volta Picks: Tim Roberts’ Drizzle Pocket


Hello internet, NEG here. We all know that it’s easy for brilliant work to fall through the cracks, especially when it doesn’t announce itself as partaking in whatever flavor of the month is jamming the airwaves. Mixed metaphors aside, this book by Tim Roberts is killer. It came out in 2011 from Blazevox and then sort of disappeared. You missed it people. But I’m here giving you a second chance.

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the book: “Through the improvisatory meditations of a fluid, emergent consciousness, Tim Roberts gives us the posthuman tale of the tribe, an ambient epic poem where “each element of explanation becomes another locus of mystery.” Arranged as a nearly unbroken column of text, Drizzle Pocket’s scope and vector from sentence to sentence is as prone to quick shifts of idiom and action as it is to extended wit and caustic aphorisms. Writing the body is already old hat. Welcome to being the writing. Plug in—the surge is infectious.”

But don’t take my word for it:

“Tim Roberts is doing something brand-new here…”

“A beautiful and exhilarating expression of the structures that feelings form.”


If you’ve traveled through Denver in the last few years, chances are you’ve been to Counterpath, the space Tim co-founded. Here’s a video from the opening day at Counterpath:


Look, dude does so much for others, so much behind the scenes, and is so busy that he doesn’t have time for (or–I’d guess–interest in) the kind of internet self-promotion that wins readers. But his work certainly deserves them! Here’s a secret, as I type this I have sitting on the desk next to me the nearly 1,500 page, two-volume set of Roberts’s manuscript The Reaganites. Someone needs to help bring this book into the world! Meantime, do get you a copy of Drizzle Pocket.

Hear Tim Roberts on Cross Cultural Poetics by clicking on this sentence. 

Read some of the work by clicking on this sentence. 

Read an interview with Roberts by clicking on this sentence.

Here are a few videos of Tim reading from the work:




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